In our previous article we learned Nokia Mobiles Secret Codes and Tricks i hope you tried few of them. Well, today i’m going to tell you how to activate 3G services on a Vodafone SIM quickly.

How to activate 3G services on Vodafone SIM in India

If you’re using Vodafone network and currently using 2G services then you can easily migrate your 2G SIM to 3G SIM without buying new 3G connection. The process of getting 3G services on your connection is pretty easy, you need to follow these few easy steps and then you good to go.

*First Check your mobile, supporting 3G services or not, if your mobile supports only 2G services the use new mobile which support 3G services and insert your SIM card  in it.

* After that send a message (ACT 3G to 111)

* After sending message the above text to mentioned number wait for confirmation message, let it activated through back end.

* After getting activation message choose UMTS mode for 3G services.

Follow above steps and you good to go to use 3G services on your Vodafone SIM.